REM [Guardian of the Vermilion Bird]

Used to be a Agito Cadet in Class Seven. She later transferred to Class Zero with Machina, her childhood friend. She's a kind person and not good at lying. Even though she always thinks she can fool others, she never actually fools people that know her well, such as Machina.
On the outside, she looks like a weak girl, but she has a strong spirit. She was born with an incurable disease but she keeps on taking part in battles. She sacrificed her already short life for the Vermilion Bird Crystal.

MACHINA [Childhood Friend of Rem, Outstanding and Responsible]

Used to be an Agito Cadet of Class Two but transferred to Class Zero together with Rem. He is an outstanding student of the Vermilion Bird Akademeia and is childhood friend's with Rem. He has a strong responsibility sense and is capable of understanding what is in the mind of his comrades.

DEUCE [Kind and Hard-Working, Attacks using a Flute]

An Agito Cadet of Class Zero. Hard-working and honest, she always is very conscious when it comes to completing missions. Although she is kind, she can only stand and defend her own opinions, even to the point at which she can a little stubborn.She uses her Flute to create floating "Music Notes" to attack her foes.

ACE [The Social Butterfly of Class Zero, a Cool-Headed Boy]

An Agito Cadet of Class Zero. From the outside, he looks very immature, however, he's actions and thoughts are usually taken with a cool-head. He is a kind person and easily gets excited, he may act based on his feelings. He uses Tarot Cards to attack his foes.

CAETUNA [l'Cie of the Vermilion Bird, Ancient and Mysterious]

The Secundus l'Cie of the Vermilion Bird Crystal and an adept at summoning magic, it is said she is capable of summoning all Eidolons. Caetuna is the oldest l'Cie in the entire Orience, her name appeared in the records of the ancient world war of 500 years ago. She is capable of speaking ancient language and her experience causes her to always skip to conclusions. A lot of people are unable to fully understand her. Always acts in the shadows at the orders of the Vermilion Bird. She is hardly seen by anyone, not even Zhuyu knows what she is up to. Some enemies believe this l'Cie in the outside is like Zhuyu but that inside she is herself. She seems to care deeply for someone within the Akademeia and she has been spying on that person a lot.

ZHUYU [Flames Envoy, Guardian of the Vermilion Bird]

The Primus l'Cie of the Vermilion Bird, he drives the powerful flame which represents the power of the Vermilion Bird Crystal. He has been under control of the Vermilion Bird Crystal for so long that he has lost most of his emotions, he wears a Cadet's uniform as a reminder of his identity. He has been a Primus l'Cie for over 100 years, other people can usually tell that he is older than usual by his speaking manner. The scars on his face were left from the fights with l'Cies from other nations. He has fought Nimbus more than once, however, the first time they fought each other seriously, a whole city vanished.

WHITE TIGER L'CIE [Not of Many Words and Cold, Symbol of an Ancient Age]

After being controlled by the White Tiger Crystal for over 100 years, the White Tiger l'Cie has less emotions than Zhuyu. Nimbus does not act in accordance to the Crystal's will for the White Tiger Crystal is under Cid's control. Nimbus is very silent and most people cannot tell what he is thinking. Orience, for some reason, this world was meant to end in the Tempus Finis... When the time comes, the harbinger of death will appear... When Nimbus feels that the end of the world is close, he will disappear and be nowhere to be seen...


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